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Introduction & Services

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Mayer Capital Partners (“MCP”) is a real estate investment banking firm. MCP raises institutional equity capital for both United States and internationally based real estate development, investment, and operating companies. During its history, MCP has secured over $2 billion in investment commitments on behalf of its clients.

MCP’s clients are dedicated real estate professionals with a proven track record of development, value added acquisition, and/or ownership of stabilized real estate assets and companies. Although some MCP clients have utilized institutional equity, others have raised equity capital solely from private sources. Regardless of how their equity was secured in the past, our clients’ have concluded that future business plans require accessing institutional joint venture capital for project level, entity level, or off balance sheet financing.

MCP also arranges strategic partnerships and co-developer relationships for its clients. Many of our clients specialize in one product type such as apartments or retail, but occasionally become involved in mixed use projects requiring other development capabilities. We are often called upon in such cases to locate a compatible co-developer to develop the project’s other asset classes.