Mayer Capital Partners - Real Estate Investment Banking
Client Profile
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Mayer Capital Partners’ clients represent a diverse spectrum of the real estate industry. Client areas of expertise comprise all strategies and product types including acquisition, development, and redevelopment of retail, apartment, condominium, industrial, office, single family, and hotel projects.

Prior to working with MCP, many of our clients have raised equity through what we refer to as “the stop-and-go” method. Equity was secured on a deal by deal basis through friends, family, or private investors. Although this method may have brought past success, it often turned our clients into fund raisers rather than developers. MCP strives to free our clients’ from their capital raising endeavors so they may focus on their true expertise--real estate development and investment.

Our clients look to Mayer Capital’s expertise to accomplish this transition and guide them through the world of institutional equity capital. This is best achieved when our clients possess characteristics institutions generally find desirable in their real estate partners. While our clients may not possess all these traits, most exhibit a combination that has earned them past success and makes them attractive potential partners.

  • Current Deal — First and foremost, our client should have a deal that is within one to six months of its required equity funding. While institutional investors enjoy meeting with prospective partners, they prefer such meetings include the discussion of a specific upcoming transaction. An attractive current deal is an invaluable way to start an institutional relationship.
  • Track Record — Our clients know their business. This is clearly indicated by their past successful projects. For instance, a prospective client that is developing a major shopping center will need to have significant retail acquisition or development experience.
  • Future Deals — We call this “deal flow” or “pipeline.” Institutions often have hundreds of millions of equity dollars to invest. They prefer to invest that money with a handful of partners with whom they have had success and come to trust. Reinventing the wheel with a new partner for every deal is simply too time consuming. Therefore, clients with a pipeline of future deals are attractive to the capital markets.
  • Growth Aspirations — This goes hand in hand with future deals. Most of our clients excel at scouring their markets for good real estate opportunities. Many of our successful assignments are with clients who aspire to grow their business by capitalizing on their past experience and knowledge.