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Investment Process
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Every engagement to raise capital taken on by Mayer Capital has its own unique requirements. A client’s initial transaction may take anywhere from 30 to 120 days with 60 to 90 being the norm. Subsequent transactions with the same partner may be accomplished in less time. The process generally takes the following steps:

  • Initial Contact — Mayer Capital’s principals stand ready to speak with you about your company’s immediate needs and future objectives. We will candidly discuss our capabilities and how we can help your business succeed. We look forward to learning about your firm and to assisting you in developing new long term relationships with institutional capital providers. If there is a potential transaction to discuss, we will review and comment on the project, the existing investment data and how the transaction might be structured to appeal to potential institutional partners.
  • Initial Meeting — There is no substitute for relationships that are developed through personal interaction. Whenever possible, we prefer to meet with our client at their offices, inspect the site of any proposed project, and tour that project’s competitive market. This interaction gives us all a chance to know each other personally as we move toward our respective decisions about our working relationship. Our clients have the utmost faith in our abilities. To make sure this trust is well placed, we encourage prospective clients to ask questions and conduct due diligence on MCP.
  • Engagement — Once we collectively decide to move forward, you will become our client. An engagement agreement will be executed permitting MCP to aggressively market your project or company to a select targeted group of equity investment firms.
  • Investment Community Presentation — Mayer Capital will work closely with you to develop marketing materials for presentation to the capital markets. Our intermediate goal is for potential equity partners to submit a non-binding “term sheet” outlining business points that will serve as a basis for a joint venture/partnership document. To that end, the Mayer Capital executives will walk potential investors through the transaction. Once direct discussions between our client and investor commence, Mayer Capital will lead you through the process.
  • Negotiating Joint Venture Terms — After an appropriate term sheet is executed, Mayer Capital will assist you and your legal counsel through the process of negotiating and documenting a joint venture agreement. The document will set forth the terms of investment and returns to the partners. It will also set the groundwork for future transactions consummated between you and the investor.